Stop overcomplicating things! Your fully customized Ideal Home Loans Home Purchase Plan breaks your home buying journey down into five simple, easy-to-understand sections that make the process much more doable. The 40-page profile will take all of your home ownership goals, credit, finances, and down payment resources into consideration and provide you with a detailed plan and timeline for saving money, getting pre-approved, searching for properties, closing the sale, and moving.

Your Home Purchase Plan At-A-Glance

Your Timeline

This section of your plan takes all of the guesswork out of when and where you should be in the home buying process. Your unique report will display all of the steps you need to take based on your current lease situation and when you’re planning on buying. It will tell you when to get pre-approved, when to start looking for a home, and when you should be under contract and close in a way that correlates with the end of your lease.

Your Credit Profile

Here, your Home Purchase Plan will let you know which types of loan programs you can qualify for, based on each of your three major credit scores. You’ll also be able to see how your score stacks up against others within the San Diego area. This information can be used to help determine where you stand and to make decisions about how to improve your position when you’re ready to buy.

Your Credit Plan

Now it’s time to take a look at the actionable steps you can take to better prepare yourself for obtaining a home loan and purchasing a property. Your credit plan will offer a snapshot of your existing credit accounts, limits, balances, in addition to how your available credit ratios impact your ability to qualify for certain loans. It will help you see where you may need to pay off certain debts and will act as a guide for what to pay off, and in what order. You’ll also notice goals for your other accounts and suggestions for raising your credit scores as quickly as possible.

Your Buying Power

This section is all about empowering you as a home buyer. By considering your current income and/or future income goals, your Home Purchase Plan is able to generate a report on all of your qualifying ration, including the maximum amount you can expect to qualify for. You’ll also get a readout of multiple home purchase price scenarios featuring your total mortgage payment and tax costs so that you can pinpoint the best price range for your needs. Here, you’ll be able to make decisions about what you can afford and what types of homes and price ranges you’ll be looking at.

Buying My Home

Finally, you’ll be presented with a detailed, 12-step approach to buying the home of your dreams. This section will explain all of the different people and processes involved with buying a home so that you know what to expect. Each step will break down what it is that you need to do and what’s involved, and will provide inside information and tips for making smart decisions. This section is designed to keep you on target throughout each step of your journey.

Could it be any simpler? Get in touch with Ideal Home Loans today to start building a custom Home Purchase Plan of your own!